ESTM position statement

The ESTM is a no-profit Association under the Italian law.
as a no-profit NGO, satisfies any requirement on transparency and has no commercial interest with private sector organisations.
is not depending, for funding of its core expenditures, on any collaboration with private commercial organisations.
Any ESTM residential course and activity is based on the principle of financial self-sufficiency, consisting in a thorough definition of its specific budget and on the determination of a participation fee (based on the expected number of participants) to cover all inherent expenses.

The ESTM educational activity is entirely based on the voluntary contribution in kind of all stakeholders: Council of Administration members, Scientific Committee members, Advisory Committee members.

A triennial Project (3/4/2008-3/4/2011) for Transfusion Medicine development in Albania has been funded in 2007 by the Department of International Cooperation, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (total of 390.000 Euro) and co-funded by the ESTM (total of 39.000 Euro).

A course in Pescara, in November 2009, on “Organisational, technical and clinical aspects of cord blood banking” has been partially funded by the Italian National Blood Centre (10.000 Euro) and the Teaching Hospital of Pescara (6.000 Euro).

A course in Milano, in December 2015, on “Learning the best ways for caring for blood donors: the significance of this for safer blood and better European Transfusion Medicine“ (part of a Project on “Significato civico e sociale della donazione volontaria: il contributo di Milano al progresso della integrazione europea della Medicina Trasfusionale”), has been partially funded by the Fondazione Cariplo (70.000 Euro) and co-funded by the ESTM (30.000 Euro).

Our History

The establishment of the ESTM (European School of Transfusion Medicine) may well be considered the fulfilment of the wishes expressed in Roma by Leone Lattes in 1935, at the eve of the birth of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT). ESTM has been the result of a series of study documents and discussions on the teaching of Transfusion Medicine, originated by the Council of Europe (in 1963 and 1985) and developed (from 1990 to 1994 and later) by the ISBT within its European Regional Congresses and by the Italian Society of Transfusion Medicine (SIITS-AICT, later converted into SIMTI) through its “Symposia for European Cooperation”, following the recommendation issued, in 1989, at the end of the ISBT 1st European Regional Congress in Lugano.

Our Valeus

  • Is open to all
  • Relies on enduring human commitment
  • Leads to a real and strong network of professionals 
  • Students and teachers are “equals” and friends.

Our Organization