ESTM courses - France

Paris 1997

Practical workshop on techniques in haemapheresis 
(Coordinators: A.. Bussel, P. Höcker, V. Kretschmer, A. Robinson)
Paris (France), 10-13 September 1997 
(in collaboration with the ESH, ESFH and FSH)     

Grenoble 1996

Effective use of blood and blood components in medicine and surgery
(Coordinators: N. Drouet, A. Maniatis)
Grenoble (France), 16-18 June 1996 

Tours 1995

Production and clinical use of plasma fractions
(Coordinators: W.G. Van Aken, T. Burnouf)
Tours (France), 15-18 November 1995

Paris 1995

Biochemistry and molecular genetic basis of major human blood group markers
(Coordinators: J.-P. Cartron, P. Rouger)
Paris (France), 26-29 April 1995 
(in collaboration with the INTS) 



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